The Sales network

PIEMONTE 2772 9,36%
LOMBARDIA 4402 14,87%
TRENTINO 756 2,55%
VENETO 2491 8,41%
FRIULI 971 3,28%
LIGURIA 1142 3,86%
EMILIA 2845 9,61%
TOSCANA 2096 7,08%
UMBRIA 527 1,78%
LAZIO 2171 7,33%
ABRUZZO -MARCHE 1494 5,05%
CAMPANIA 2206 7,45%
PUGLIA 1611 5,44%
BASILICATA 375 1,27%
CALABRIA 1000 3,38%
SICILIA 1628 5,50%
SARDEGNA 1115 3,77%
TOTAL 29602

The commercial capabilities of a National Distributor in relation to the sales network are measured by its ability to transfer the strategies of the Publishers down to the local realities.

Sodip, with this express purpose, has chosen to maintain an extensive activity of inspection throughout the territory.

Only a timely and continuous direct relationship with the local key actors can guarantee adequate control over the circulation practices of the Wholesalers, supervision and monitoring of strategic retailers and promotional activities undertaken locally – directly or through specially recruited staff – and not least the proper fulfilment of all administrative obligations.

In 2006, to consolidate its presence on the territory, Sodip constituted Agenzia Romana, local wholesaler for Rome which currently distributes many other publishers not only for Sodip, having established itself as a solid and efficient reality in distribution with a technological organization at the highest level.

In 2010 a change is made in Milan too: Agenzia Lombarda, which had already been the local wholesaler and subsidiary of Sodip for many years, is merged with Milano Press into the new company MDM, now the reference wholesaler for the city.

MILAN and ROME together represent approximately 10% of the national market.