History and tradition

The current structure of Sodip is the result of choices made by the later generations of Patuzzi family, who had already been operating at Agenzia Lombarda Distribuzione Giornali e Riviste.


1963 – Carluigi Patuzzi founds Sodip spa, Società di Diffusione Periodici, which is still managed and controlled by his family members.

The main stages of the Company’s history:

1989 – Se.P.In starts its activity. The company is specialized in cellophane and blister manufacturing, and management of postal shipments. The 90′s see the maximum development of the combination of publishing products with gadgets, VHS, CDs and in general multimedia supports. In 2008, due to changes in the publishing market, Sodip decides to stop its activity and closes the company;


1991 – Agenzia Lombarda is founded, the Local Wholesaler for Milan, for the strategic supervision of the territory;

1998 – The increasing volumes and diversification of activities require an extension of the operating space. SodipService is spun off and a new plant opens at Aicurzio. A unique pole for returns processing is born;

1999 – New opportunities of distribution channels for the press lead to a new company in the Large Scale Retail Channel: Imprendinvest;

2000 – Sies, Società Importazione ed Esportazione Stampa, joins the Group. It has already been operating in the import /export sector since 1960;

2006 – Agenzia Romana is founded, the Local Wholesaler for Rome, the most important Italian city;

2009 – Imprendinvest and the correspondent company of Messaggerie Group merge in GdoPress, combining resources and expertise to optimize the management of selling points of the analyses scale retail distribution.;

2010 – Agenzia Lombarda and MilanoPress merge in MDM, Milano Distribuzione Media;

2011 – Sies is merged in Sodip Spa;

2015 – From integration between Mach2Press and GdoPress GDMediaService is born.