The Statistics department supports Circulation, Account Managers and Publishers by collecting and processing sales data broken down geographically, or for more in-depth analyses, by sales channel or single retailer.

Inforete is the communication tool connecting the Italian sales network with a fast and accurate transfer of information and data. What distinguishes the service provided by Sodip is the actual data quality control and the ability to correlate data from the ever-changing market with historical circulation data.

Sodip collects and processes thousands of statistical data which contribute to its monitoring activity on the Italian press market. All data are available to publishers in the restricted area of the Sodip website.

Sodip can produce customized studies to meet the specific requirement of the publishers: by segment, highlighting sale trends and any advertising investment, thus providing the Publishers with the essential market knowledge and decision-making support.

If required, Sodip can provide to publishers all relevant documentation for circulation auditing (ABC).