The Circulation department is the nerve centre of Sodip, the place where numbers, ideas and information come from, and where they come back to, after going through every structure of the company.

Three macro areas form its backbone: circulation planning, statistics, accounting. Sodip entrusts the circulation planning to highly specialized internal resources, who have a deep knowledge of the whole distribution process.

For every issue, the circulation plan is developed by analysing the latest statistical data and trend indicators specific to each publication and its reference market. Particular attention is given to seasonal variation – the seasonality of touristic areas as well as the holidays have a considerable effect on supply levels across the territory – and to the specific characteristics of the publication, such as launch price or cut price, covermounts, supporting promotional campaign.

A sophisticated IT system, designed and developed by Sodip, serves as essential support to human skills.

The circulation capabilities and the timely interventions of the Account Managers, in collaboration with the publishers, have allowed Sodip to maintain the most competitive supply-return-sales ratio on the market.